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NSCAA Special Topics

Information on the ‘Reading the Game’ courses:

The NSCAA Special Topics courses focus on Reading the Game, an important skill for coaches in the USA. The ability to improve players, groups of players, and teams is the ultimate goal of all coaching and is directly related to the coach’s ability to read the game and to understand the needs of the team. Analyzing the game of soccer is not an easy thing to do and this skill, like so many others, can only be improved through guided practice. These courses will be conducted in conjunction with the live games from the 2014 World Cup. The course is open to coaches from all clubs, high schools and colleges. The beginning of the course will feature a pre-game talk concerning the way the teams intend to play, including formation and style. Prior to the game there will also be a Power Point presentation on Reading the Game. After the game there will be discussion regarding what was observed during the game and a postgame analysis.

Instructors: Paul Payne (Bio) Paul is a National Staff Instructor for the NSCAA, and is a Past President (2011).

Instructor: Mark Stauffer (Bio) Mark is an Associate Staff Instructor for the NSCAA.



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